Marché Saint-Lin

It would be exaggerating to say that all roads lead to Marché Saint-Lin, but not by much. Highways 158, 335 and 339 and traffic coming from or going to Autoroute 25 all converge at this gateway to the Lanaudière region at St-Lin-Laurentides. Spaces from 1,200 to 11,000 sq. ft are now available. This is a wonderful location for a commercial space for rent in St-Lin-Laurentides.

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2131-2305 avenue du marché, Saint Lin Laurentides, Quebec


Siteplan of the commercial area

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  • square feet: 5650
  • Available
  • Divisible 1 650 - 5 650
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  • square feet: 14500
  • Available
  • Divisible 4 800 - 14 500
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The Trade Area

Because of its strong growth of 14.1% in the past and its projected growth of 6.8% in the next four years, both among the highest rates in the province, the area is highly attractive to retailers looking to reach young, home-owning families and capitalizing on vehicle traffic of more than 17 thousand a day.

Trade area
Daily traffic count
Average Income
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Surrounding Area

Need more reasons to look into this retail opportunity? Marché Saint-Lin is the only shopping centre located south of highway 158, where the majority of the city's residential growth is centred and it serves a trading area that includes more than 15 thousand people.

Neighbours of your future commercial property

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