We are a leading developer of retail neighbourhood shopping centres across Canada. As a full-service provider we manage every aspect of the development process including due diligence, acquisition, land use planning, construction, leasing and day-to-day property management.

Our Approach

With a direct, entrepreneurial approach and long range ownership vision, we capitalize on a wealth of industry expertise, resources and experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify premier real estate opportunities and search for innovative ways to set tomorrow's standards today. Our team of experienced professionals strives to provide turn-key solutions to our retail partners, as well as to re-develop existing retail projects in response to changing markets and consumer trends. Our integrated, innovative and hands-on approach ensures that all our projects maintain the highest standards of excellence to redevelop our clients' needs.

Our Portfolio

We have been active in real estate development since 1988. Our $1 billion real estate portfolio has been achieved through the development of retail plazas in Canada and both retail and big box industrial product in the U.S. Our expanding portfolios of grocery and pharmacy-anchored plazas are located at the centre of growing and underserved communities.

Our Ethos

We strive to be the centre of your community and to build long term relationships with those that we do business with by working together to create a better tomorrow. We firmly believe in our values which are:

  • Do the right thing : Humans first. We trust our people when it comes to making decisions. We invite them to listen to their intuition, body and heart with every decision they need to make. If a decision makes you uncomfortable, it's probably not the right one. 
  • Communicate, always : Communication is at the heart of our work and also at the heart of our civilization. Without it we wouldn’t do much. In the workplace, communicating is not just about sending emails. Do you have good news to share? Communicate them! Communicating is expressing yourself, an idea? Communicate it. Communicating is opening up to others, a difficult situation? Talk about it, because at Forum you are not alone.
  • Protect and nurture your people : Protecting people is listening to them in good and bad times and having their back. It is supporting each other as a team and being aware that there are days with and days without and that’s totally fine. Nurturing people is about sharing experience and knowledge with them, helping them develop and grow not only as a professional but as a human being.
  • Delight and have fun! We work for a living but we don't live for work; however, we spend 1/3 of our day at work so we might as well combine the useful with the pleasant! At Forum we believe that having fun while working is possible. This is the raison d'être of the Social Committee - to offer fun activities and discover our employees a little more each time. If you have a passion, share it with us and we will be happy to organize an activity related to your favorite hobby.

Let's work together

Our Team

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Jay McMartinFounding Partner
Dean MendelFounding Partner
Paul SchachterFounding Partner
Toby SinglehurstFounding Partner
Jaime RoskiesDevelopment
Josée HandfieldDevelopment
Kyle BraithwaiteDevelopment
Kym SinglehurstDevelopment
Isabelle BraultDevelopment
Gideon PollackDevelopment
Lexa SerafiniDevelopment
Brian FlynnDevelopment
Romain FayolleDevelopment
Steven McPheeLeasing
Emma PopesculLeasing
Kimberly BordenLeasing
Manon ChevalierLegal
Stéphanie GilcherLegal
Sandra CardelliniLegal
Mathieu DrapeauConstruction
Diane MitchellConstruction
Jason CastonguayConstruction
Mark ItoConstruction
Cohan McMartinConstruction
Roger RoyConstruction
Ben BensoussanProperty Management
Milena AbballeProperty Management
Tatiana D'AmourProperty Management
Monica CalangiuProperty Management
Trang LuongProperty Management
Jane WhiteProperty Management
Daisy DobbProperty Management
Robert RoyDevelopment
Guerrino DiMinnoProperty Management
David PolyniceProperty Management
Fulvio VerrilloProperty Management
Andreas AndroutsosProperty Management
Nona McMartinPeople & Culture
Peggy SchachterSpecial Projects
Lucile BeuriotMarketing
Catherine LiuMarketing
Tamara GagnéCorporate Services
Shane LandsmanAccounting
Jeremy ArgoAccounting
Diane BrodeurAccounting
Jordan GoldbergAccounting
Charlene KonechnyAccounting
Sally ShumAccounting
Stacey TaoAccounting
Alisa TregerAccounting
Katie TrinhAccounting
Rose VuAccounting
Ophelia WangAccounting
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